Creative Fields



Fundación Canal - Madrid

Production Designer

Gabriel Corchero



The exhibition called “Ocultos,” meaning “hidden,” unites artistic images taken by prestigious international photographers that explore the human body from an eccentric and peculiar perspective. “Ocultos” invites the spectator to discover emblematic images of parts of the body that are normally “hidden” portraying beautiful, humorous, intimate, and raw photos of peoples’ backsides.

Famous photographers such as Capa, Cartier-Bresson, Mapplethorpe, Man Ray, Lucien Clergue, along with fundamental Spanish photographers like Joan Colom, Rafael Navarro, Ramón Masats, Isabel Muñoz, Cristina García Rodero, and Carlos Pérez Siquier showed their work in this unique exhibit.

My work consisted of organizing the exhibit and strategically placing the artists’ works in specific areas so the spectator would see the images at a particular place and time, transmitting the artists’ messages intended for the work.

I also designed the exhibition’s catalogue, the brochures, business cards, merchandising, vinyls, and much more collateral while taking into account the different material I was going to use to properly apply my designs.